Bill Gaither (photo above) grew up in the Great Northwest, started fishing at 6 years old and has been hooked ever since. Bill has over 30 years fishing experience and wants to show others how much fun his favorite hobby is. He loves to laugh and have a great time, but takes fishing very seriously. Bill is usually out on the river fishing and away from email so the best way to contact him is through his cell, (503) 519-7972.

The young lady in the photo above is fighting a shad. She will use the shad for bait to catch Sturgeon later in the day. This shad fishing and Sturgeon fishing will take place on the Willamette River, just minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. It's unbelievable to many of our clients who are not from this area that they can catch monster sturgeon so close to a city the size of Portland, Oregon. You can be fishing so close to a large city yet still seeing beautiful scenery such as water falls in the background and wildlife including osprey, seals, bald eagles, seagulls and much more.

Fishing for sturgeon is addicting. Whether you fish seasons which require catch and release or you fish and keep the sturgeon you will find that northwest sturgeon fishing is some of the most fun you will ever have. Many people believe sturgeon is the best tasting fish of all. Always be sure to check ahead when planning your fishing trip if you plan on fishing for sturgeon as seasons can change at any time and sometimes retention of sturgeon is not allowed.

Many of our clients will find sturgeon fishing so much fun that they will return on later trips bringing their family with them. Large sturgeon can be so strong that they are difficult to land. Often a client may have to hand the rod off to another person in the boat so they can rest. Sturgeon fishing trips are fun because sturgeon fishing is done while the boat is anchored allowing in people to engage in friendly conversation, eat their lunches and snacks, take pictures of the surrounding scenery and generally enjoy all phases of the trip. When you book your next fishing trip with and NW HAWG Hunters, plan on bringing other members of your family and share a day on the Rivers that no one in your family will ever for forget. Better yet, make it an annual tradition.




Fishing Guide Bill Gaither



thanks to - David Dryer Photography for the photo above.

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